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Learn more about Hypertension in cats with AMODEUS by watching the video below

Like AMODEUS, all cats older than 7 years old need to be protected from a “silent killer” called Hypertension.

What is Hypertension in cats?

As in humans, hypertension (high blood pressure) is a serious disease in cats, which can cause severe damage.
Hypertension means that blood is circulating in the vessels under excessive pressure which can cause bleeding in 4 vital organs.

In the eyes, Hypertension can cause damages which may eventually lead to sudden blindness
4 target organs can be damaged by Hypertension
Hypertension in cats can stay invisible for a long time, that's why it's often called the silent killer

What is Chronic Kidney Disease in cats?

Learn more about Chronic Kidney Disease in cats with AMODEUS by watching the video below

Kidney disease is a common and serious disease in cats. It is often associated with Hypertension. Like hypertension, it remains silent for a long time before symptoms appear. That’s why regular check ups at the veterinary clinic are essential, as Amodeus explains!

Protect your cat from the "Silent Killer"

There is a very effective way to protect your cat:
regular visits to the veterinarian, and a very simple examination to measure Blood Pressure.

Further information about Hypertension and Kidney Disease in cats

For further information on cat hypertension and kidney disease,

  • contact your veterinarian
  • see the International Cat Care website

For further information on stress in cats:

For veterinarians, find also more detailed information on VetInterMed:

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